• Duration: 4h
  • Distance: 40 km

The Protected Area of Capo Caccia, one of the most suggestive headlands of the whole North Sardinia, is just forty minutes far from Four Rooms Alghero. It is an extraordinary reserve of flora and fauna, which rocks reach up to three hundred meters of Punta Cristallo. The view is breathtaking, and stunning is the sunset on the island Foradada and the adjacent Isola Piana.

From the square of Capo Caccia you can go down the more than six hundred steps of the Escala del Cabiròl and visit the Caves of Neptune, the true jewel of the Bay of Porto Conte which is also reachable by ferry from the port of Alghero and Cala Dragunara. The scenery is a fantastic one kilometer path between stalactites, stalagmites and a natural lake of more than two million years. The tour winds through several rooms: the Organ Room, the Hall of the Domes, the Lace Room and the last one, the Music Room, from which you are enraptured by the overall view of the Cave.